Solent captain reveals mental health history

Solent ladies battle on at Test Park Credit: Flickr

by Matt Savedra

SOLENT Ladies captain Rebecca Cork admitted she was close to giving up football after a long term injury affected her mental health.

Cook played her first game on Wednesday after two years out with an ankle injury and was awarded man of the match. Solent Ladies went on to win 1-0 away at Cardiff Met university.

But the solent skipper recalled her long term injury that nearly forced her to give up the game.

She said: “My match fitness went, my confidence went, I didn’t even want to play football anymore. It ruined my confidence completely. “

The comeback was not plain sailing, she admitted to not being the player she once was while returning from her first serious injury.

She added: “I’ve never faced an injury before and I just expected to be the same player I was before my injury and it just didn’t happened and even for the past two years.

” Ive just not been the same player since I was 18  and  the amount of times I’ve quit football and just given up and it definitely affects your mental health.

“The one thing you enjoy more than anything else in the world, you cant do it because you aren’t physically able to.”

Cork is not alone. Health Europa recently did a survey where 72% of 1000 people who suffered accidental injuries struggled with mental health issues.

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