Solent Freshers’ Survival Guide

LEAVING home to go to university can be pretty scary and over-whelming and for the majority of students, this will be the first time away from their families, so it is very normal to feel nervous about the whole experience.

In this guide, we will be giving an idea of how to manage being an independent grown up, whilst still being able to have fun.

Southampton’s busy high street is only a ten minute walk from most of the Solent student accommodation.

Here are some places students may want to visit:

Bedford Place – This is an area where you will find most of the night clubs and pubs, all in one place. These include Buddha Lounge, JUNK, Orange Rooms, Pop World, Tokyo, Smoke and Mirrors, 90 Degrees and The Social.

West Quay – A shopping centre covering three floors, West Quay is the ultimate place to do your shopping. Shops like River Island, H&M and a food court covering the entire second floor, there is definitely something for everyone.

West Quay is one of the most popular places in Southampton for food and shopping.

Cinema –  Cineworld is located in Ocean Village, which also is not a long walk away from some halls of residence. Being a student can be expensive, but they offer student discounts and deals which should save you some money.

McDonalds – Where would students be without a 24 hour McDonalds? The bare necessities of life, such as a McFlurry and a cheap burger, can be found here. Located near Oceana, it is ideal after a night out.

There are loads of supermarkets all over the city.

The Docks – Around here, you can find beautiful views and the ferries, which can take you to places like the Isle of Wight. Southampton hosts a fireworks night here every year, which is not to be missed, with fireworks exploding over the ocean front.

Parks – There is no better place to spend a warm, sunny day then at the park in Southampton. With large amounts of space to lounge around and soak up the sun, the park is ideal when you have some time to waste.

Southampton is the home to dozens of popular shop chains as well as independent stores.

by Chanté Goodman (@Chante_Goodman), Ivy Kamau (@ivynkamau) and Elektra Theophanous (@elektrat96)