Solent Redhawks raring for more

Solent Redhawks Head Coach Dan McMillan say’s he hopes his side can push on in their season following their triumph over the Gloucester Gladiators last Sunday.

The Redhawks run out 21-6 winners over Gloucester in Cheltenham to give the side their first win in over a year and take the McMillan’s side to 1-1 on the season.

McMillan, who took up the Head Coach role this summer following the departure of former HC Adam Winder, says he has high expectations for his team for the rest of this season.

He said: “We are always pushing to be better and better. I’m always expecting the team to come home with the W, no matter who it is. Unfortunately for them that means the expectations are very high.”

Following a disappointing 2017/18 season where the Redhawks were relegated to Division 2a South West, changes in personnel both on the field and off have seen a renewed fire sparked amongst the squad.

Offence Captains Adam Hillier and Harry Stevens have both returned to the Redhawks for their second season with the side.

Hillier, who has been playing American Football for four years, highlighted the importance of team spirit as a factor for better performances thus far this year.

“The team feels tighter and has a better, stronger team spirit and thats crucial for us to perform well this season.”

The Redhawks face league-leaders Worcester Royals at Test Park next time out on the 9th December. The rejuvenated side will be looking to build on the win they achieved last time out.