Southampton businesses offer an “escape” from reality

ESCAPE rooms are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, offering an alternative form of entertainment for families, first dates and schools.

There are three escape rooms in Southampton which all feature in the top 10 of ‘Fun Activities & Games in Southampton’ on TripAdvisor.

An escape room is a physical adventure in which players are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles within 60 minutes. Many of the rooms have different themes which explains why this global phenomenon has been so successful.

Owners and brothers, Dave and Peter Gale have recently opened Exciting Escapes in Shirley. They have two themed rooms and they have scope to open another three rooms.

Dave Gale said: “There’s only 120 Escape Room businesses in the UK and when we looked into Southampton they didn’t have one, so it was a great place to start. It’s got a fantastic student population, big businesses and tourists- so it ticked a lot of boxes.”

Exciting Escapes is just one of three escape rooms in the area, with Houdini’s Escape Room experience and Cyantist Escape Rooms offering different experiences.

“We’ve worked with Exciting Escapes, they’ve been and done our room and we’ve done their two rooms. You have to work with the competition, especially with an escape room because it’s very rare that you’ll come back and do the same escape room”, says Houdini’s Paul Moore.

Jonathan Moore, owner of Houdini's escape room experience giving an introduction to a group.
Jonathan Moore, owner of Houdini’s escape room experience giving an introduction to a group.

Houdini’s has been voted No.1 on TripAdvisor. They are located in Bedford Place and offer a brilliant alternative to the cinema, bowling and Christmas shopping.

The festive season will be busy for the Escape Rooms in Southampton with many families, students and couples wanting to try something different without spending a lot of money.

By Alissa Kirkwood (@alissakirkwood)