Southampton Cellar Pub rediscovers music roots

GOBLETS pub, Southampton, is planning on getting back into its alternative music ways.

Around 15 years ago the pub, which is on Above Bar Street, played host to many local rock bands and was known as a Metal Venue of Southampton; there were rock music nights on a regular basis.

However, when it was taken over by pub retailer, Greene King, 15 years ago, the music nights were halted.Now under new management, the pub is hoping to reintroduce this old idea by holding alternative music nights at least once a month.

Goblets is planning to go back to old ways


The alternative music nights will host rocks bands from Southampton and the surrounding area.
The introduction of alternative music nights is an attempt to appeal to a younger generation, and customers turn up in band shirt they get a free shot.

Alex Snell a regular Goblets customer is looking forward to the music night; “as a person that enjoys alternative music I’m happy that there’s going to be an alternative music night as there aren’t many other venues in Southampton that support this scene.”

On top of this, Goblets runs other new events and deals that appeal to students.
It holds an open mic night at the end of each month, and also hosts a live comedy night on the first Thursday of every month.

New manager of Goblets, Max Bakker says “the pub is a very student centric venue. Come September the population of Southampton dramatically goes up and Goblets wants to see as many students as possible” he described Goblets as having more soul than other bars as it’s a cellar bar and has a different kind of atmosphere, so once people visit goblets they go back again and again; “randomers become regulars”.