Southampton man fundraises in aid of Syrian refugee crisis

As fundraising in aid of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis continues, one man has gone the extra mile in an attempt to help those in need 

Mo Missouri, who works as a cover supervisor in PRU schools in Southampton, travelled to refugee camps in Calais on the 20th September after fundraising and collecting donations in aid of the migrants fleeing Syria.

Mo pictured with Syrian migrants
Mo pictured with Syrian migrants

The number of people escaping Syria and neighbouring countries due to the fear of war and persecution has resulted in the highest number of migrants displaced in Europe since WWII.

Unable to plan for such an intake of migrants, refugee camps across Europe have become over populated and under supplied, resulting in extremely poor living conditions.

Travelling in a small convoy with cars packed with donations and clothing, Mo arrived in Calais and was instantly shocked to see the state of the crisis first hand.

“What you see on television and the internet, there is no comparison to what it’s like when your actually there. One thing you don’t consider or realise until you’re there is the smell”

“In these refugee camps there are no sewer systems, no sanitation, not even toilets. The conditions are extremely bad for adults let alone children”

Through Facebook and word-of-mouth he appealed for donations relentlessly, collecting clothes, blankets, toiletries and even sleeping bags for those suffering in Calais.

After such an overwhelming response from the public, Mo has already began fundraising for his next trip on the 18th October via his gofundme page. Initially setting a target of £500, he has smashed his target raising £1100 so far, all of which will go towards food for the refugees.

refugees car
A first hand view of the crises from Mo’s car


“I was seeing images on the news and on social media, it was going on and on and I thought it was time to try and do something about this” Said Mo.

He was inspired to help support the migrant crisis in Syria after seeing heart-breaking images of fleeing migrants and urges others from the local area to donate and get involved.

If you would like to make a donation to Mo’s campaign, click here.