Southampton named amongst most congested cities in the UK

SOUTHAMPTON has been named the 20th most congested city in the country, according to recent research.

The TomTom traffic index, which monitors traffic around the world, named the south coast city in their top 20, with drivers spending on average 30 minutes more behind the wheel per day during peak hours. This correlates to 117 hours per year spent sitting in traffic.

Last year, the most congested day was June 3, with one of the worst areas being the M271 to Redbridge. According to TomTom’s calculations, the total distance covered by their GPS’s was over 28 million miles.

The research comes after just a couple of months since the council green light plans to improve air quality with the approval of a Clean Air Strategy. This means that by 2020, the most polluting HGV’s, buses and taxis that enter the city could be charged.

Cars are a common culprit of heavy CO2 emissions.
Statistics are increasingly high for congestion in Southampton.

Southampton City Council has recently been given a £90,000 grant to help gather real-time traffic data which should be more accurate than the research done by TomTom.

The data collected will provide the council with a new source of information which will make it easier for the council to alleviate pressure on the current network.

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, the cabinet member for environment and transport was excited about this grant, saying: “This is a really innovative project for Southampton’s extensive road network and will help transform journeys for passengers and motorists across the city.

“This new technology will help cut congestion, speed up journeys, improve air quality, and improve accessibility. It will deliver real-time travel information to people on the move, so we can efficiently and safely manage our local roads.”

This new project will cover the seven main transport links into Southampton city centre, two cross city routes and the city centre, it will link to Highways England’s network regarding the motorways whilst also connecting to Portsmouth.

Listen below to hear our interview with independent councillor Andrew Pope from Redbridge:

by Fred Blagden (@fredblagden), Richard Percival (@rmmediasoton), Jamie Wootton (JamesWootton95) and Josh Milsom