Southampton Solent challenges potential filmmakers for 48 hours

By Samantha Buxey (@sahmanfaah) and Alexandra Bielikova (@alexbielikova)

FILMMAKERS from Southampton Solent University took place in the first ever 48-hour film challenge at the university.

With prizes ranging from cinema tickets to an amazing training course at the Raindance Film Festival, students of the popular Solent TV society were welcomed to take part in the competition in order to win the prizes.

Team N.E.R.D at work
Team N.E.R.D at work

Candidates were instructed to create a two-minute short film in just 48 hours.

Team N.E.R.D, consisting of Elliott Bave, Saadat Miah, Lina Peertum and Elliot Wallis, won an award at the event for web choice and were nominated for the award for best editing.




N.E.R.D member Elliot Wallis explains more: “We already had our groups and the aim was we had 48 hours to write, script, shoot and edit a film in the best quality and fashion that we could possible.”

Team N.E.R.D celebrate  success!
Team N.E.R.D celebrate success!

Special guests judged the contestant’s short films. These included two film and TV professionals from Southampton Solent University and one representative from Solent TV.

Each video was watched and winners were announced at a special awards ceremony on Sunday 1st March at the 1865 club in Southampton. All films created for the competition were screened over that weekend.

Team N.E.R.D at the awards ceremony
Team N.E.R.D at the awards ceremony


Team member Elliot at sacrificing his phone for the team
Team member Elliot at sacrificing his phone for the team

Team member Lina Peertum explained what she would do different next time: “Next time we’d get a go-pro, because we had to tape some footage from an iPhone taped to a bike, It did look really good though!”

Listen to the interview with N.E.R.D here:

View team N.E.R.Ds final film here: