Southampton Solent students showcase their freestyle BMX skills

BMX rider Matt Towndrow accredits most of his ambitions and his life today to his bike.

Back in 2012, Towndrow and a group of friends entered a competition with Rad BMX, a shop based in High Wycombe. The aim was to produce a video dubbed with music, displaying their skills and passion for the niche sport.

Towndrow and four of his friends entered under the name TeamMATT TOWNDROWSLOTH, which became a household name on the BMX scene.The team were sent away on trips to film in Cornwall as a part of their winning sponsorship deal, as well as taking their tricks to Barcelona with their videos featuring on popular magazine site, RideUKbmx.

The 22-year-old started riding for fun before winning the competition with Rad BMX. Even though the team had a little more pressure on them, the boys continued to ride for the love of their sport and passion for documenting their skills, rather than the perks.

“To me, riding my bike pointed me in the right direction with my life.

 “It led to me meeting a lot of cool people, starting my filming career and heading to university. That all came from riding.IMG_3459

  “We started making t-shirts and stickers, and the local scene liked what we were doing and people were willing to pay a bit of money to wear our t-shirts.”

 Making a move from Abingdon to Southampton hasn’t seemed to dampen Team SLOTH’s stamp on the BMX movement though.

 “Since I’ve been at Southampton Solent University, I’ve still got kids recognising me. They see my sticker and ask if I’m a part of that.”MATT TRICK

 George Linzey, a BMX fanatic from Eastbourne met Towndrow on his first day at university halls and recognised him straight away from his videos and stickers. The pair now ride together extensively and George also produces his own video content for his YouTube channel.

Now Towndrow is developing his camera skills at university, SLOTH has taken a little bit of a backseat but is still a major part of his life and he posts riding videos regularly.

The team lost their sponsorship from RAD BMX Shop when the store closed down last year, but the SLOTH team continue to have a strong social media presence, making videos and edits to keep the brand alive.

Follow Team SLOTH rider Matt Towndrow on twitter @Mattthesloth, @TEAM_SLOTH and MATTTHESLOTH1 on Instagram.