Southampton: UK city of culture in 2025?

Southampton is a strong contender to become The UK City of Culture in 2025.

The city has invested much time in the last years to embrace different cultures.

The principal objective of this investment is for the city to become more attractive to the public – not only the locals but also visitors and tourists.


A prime example of this would this would be the opening of the Nuffield Southampton Theatre, which opened its door in March 2018, and John Hansard Gallery, which opened on May of this year, both bringing a vibrant feel to the cultural quarter. A lot of cultural events are being generated in this area.

Louise Burlefinger, from the John Hansard Gallery, explains how the Cultural Quarter is bringing more to the city centre:

“In the last three years, this area has been generated more culture with not only the new spaces that opened but also the events that been happening around here.”

Another high point of the blossoming culture in the city is the K6 Gallery, a new exhibition space in the centre of Southampton, the space makes use of a pair of iconic grade II listed red phone boxes. This gallery is run by volunteers and have a diverse programme of four exhibitions a year, which shows contemporary and conceptual art from both national and local artists.

But there is more…


The Art House Café, located in the centre of Southampton, features not only an entirely organic menu but also hosts art exhibitions and live events with music and theatre performances.

Although the galleries, theatres, events and live music pubs are proving to be of great importance in the growth of the city’s culture, they’re not all Southampton has to offer.

Louise Burlefinger added:

“The public plays a major role on this as well and need to be interested in the cultural events.”


It seems that Southampton has a great chance to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2025, but more commitment is necessary from everyone in the city to achieve this goal.