Southampton’s Hidden History.

by Nick Osman (@Nklive2011)

MILLIONS of visitors flock to Southampton every year to explore its history. 

The West Quay extension is already under construction bringing restaurants and cinemas to encourage visitors into one hub.

Alongside all the new building work is a rich heritage which is equally attractive to visitors.

Signifying the South’s imperialism of the 13th century is the red lions that face upper Bargate.

As for the walkways that share centuries of stories, these seem to be un-noticed by many.

Groups and organisers are doing all they can to conserve signs along the walkways so the public can view information about the local history.

The Tudor Trust provides support for voluntary and community groups within the City to help with developing creativity when under challenging circumstances.

Proposals were put in place by the trust to ensure the Council would meet the requirements and demands of conserving the signs.

Cllr for Shirley Savtir Kaur said: “I think that Southampton plays a key role in British history but it is about coordinating the means behind local groups such as The Trust who network with the City Council towards engaging with the public.”

Listen here to find out whether people in Southampton believe there is enough information on their history.