Solent Seconds Want Changes in School Rugby

SOLENT rugby second team coach and captain believe rugby can be more popular if changes are made in schools.

The second team captain, David Phillips, and his coach, Stephen Judd, both think that the sport can become more prominent.

Despite England’s successful performance at this years World Cup, viewing figures were still 10 times lower than that of the 2018 football World Cup.

Judd explained that teaching standards and group organisation could be to blame for the lack of love for the sport.

“I think we need specialists in schools. You need someone who knows what they’re doing and can really engage it.

“I think we need to move away from age and need to move towards size.

“So weight categories for rugby, so rather than getting a 10 stone kid against a seven stone kid just because they’re the same age.”

And Phillips agrees with his coach and says that something needs to change in the education system.

“It’s about getting to people early, getting to young kids with the likes of touch rugby sessions and getting them used to having the ball in hand.

“When they go to secondary school, it’s straight into contact and that can put a lot of kids off playing rugby.”

The Japan rugby World Cup, which concluded last weekend, peaked at 53.7m viewers, but was overshadowed by the football World Cup which reached 516.6m at its best.

Judd recognises that this year’s tournament was a step in the right direction to make the sport more popular.

“The Japanese have done a great job for the sport worldwide.

“England’s performance against New Zealand was complete, it just shows how much fun rugby can be, so I think it’s been really good.”

But the second team captain understands that rugby has a long way to go to overcome the size of football.

“It’s (football) an easier to pick up sport. You can play it in the streets and on an estate a lot easier than rugby.

“You can kick a football against a wall, but you need three or four people to play rugby, whereas football you can play by yourself and teach yourself.”