Sterling rescues Gomez

Photo: Pixabay

By Seb Zany

ENGLAND striker Raheem Sterling said Joe Gomez did not deserve the treatment he was given by England fans as the Liverpool defender was booed as the Three Lions booked their ticket for Euro 2020.

The Liverpool defender was making his way onto the pitch in the 70th minute to replace Mason Mount when a section of the England fans expressed their anger.

Sterling and Gomez were involved in a fight at the England camp following their argument during the clash between Liverpool and Manchester City at the weekend.

Joe Gomez – Photo: Wikipedia

England boss Gareth Southgate made the decision to send Sterling home to avoid any trouble in his squad’s team spirit.

If some of the fans appear to still have the altercation in mind, Sterling expressed his support for Gomez on Twitter after the game:

“To all England fans, I wanted to leave things as it was but tonight I have to speak again: it was hard for me to see my teammate got booed for something that was my fault.

“Joe hasn’t done anything wrong and for me to see someone who keeps his head down and work hard especially after a difficult week for him to be booed when he came on tonight was wrong.

“I’ve take full responsibility and accepted the consequence.

“I felt as though I had to say this, get home sage everyone.”

Southgate also backed up Gomez during his post match press conference :

“First and foremost the whole dressing room are disappointed with it because they are tight.

“The players are united. No England player should ever be booed. I don’t get it. All the players are disappointed with that. I’m hugely disappointed for him but he’s got the support of the dressing room.

“I’ve already spoken to him and I will speak to him again tomorrow – he’s got to feel the support of everybody.”

Sterling is set to return to the squad as England travel to Kosovo on Sunday, for their final match of the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.