Team Solent’s Campbell wants more money in grassroots football

Team Solent assistant coach James Campbell believes that an increase in funding for grassroots football clubs in Hampshire is only the start.

The FA are set to provide more money to the Hampshire FA over the next 12 months to help the 122 teams in the area, with grants of up to £1,500 per club.

This news comes in the same week as confirmation that Premier League clubs will each give £250,000 to the league’s departing chief executive, Richard Scudamore.

Campbell, who is part of Solent University’s Wessex League coaching team, thinks there isn’t enough being done for grassroots teams.

He said: “You hear the news and it’s about how the Premier League clubs are giving £250,000 to someone who’s leaving the Premier League, and you think, ‘is that not better served giving it to the regional FAs to fund grassroots football?’

“It just seems that there’s no real good news when there is.”

The Football Foundation has two grants available to clubs: Grow the Game, which focuses on community clubs and those which cater for female and disabled players, and Retain the Game, which is targeted at adult male clubs.

Grow the Game will support 27 female and six disabled sides respectively, with Retain the Game helping 89 adult male teams.

Clubs can receive grants of a maximum £1,500 from Grow the Game and up to £750 under Retain the Game.

Defending the small pot of money, Hampshire FA’s Facilities and Investment Manager, Sacha Nicholas, said: “[It goes towards] goalposts, lawnmowers, storage containers.

“[It’s] the small stuff, but it’s still needed.”