Theresa May seeks support for Brexit draft agreement

UK and EU negotiators have decided on the text confirming the terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union.  

A meeting will be held at 14:00 today in an aim to rally support for the draft.

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Prime Minster Theresa May is hoping for a deal by the end of the week, and says they are “significantly closer” to providing what 52% of the British public voted for back in 2016.

The agreement was made after many months of negotiations. However, the deal has already caused upset within parliament, with Peter Bone MP suggesting Ms May is not “delivering the Brexit people voted for.”

If her deal is backed by ministers, an EU summit will be organised in which the final wording of the agreement is confirmed. If this does not happen, May could find her position as Prime Minister compromised.

The fifth biggest party in the Commons – the DUP – have claimed they will vote against the agreement as they believe it will cause the UK to split.

Others are also sceptical towards her agreement, considering her participation in the pro-Remain campaign in the lead up to the referendum.

Those in support of Ms May believe the threat of a no-deal and the further uncertainty this will throw the UK into, will force ministers to vote in favour of the draft agreement.

The UK is due to leave the European Union at 11pm on Friday 29th March 2019.

by Ellie Chivers (@ellieachivers), Luke Henry (@Luke_Henry1), Abbie Lambden (@AbbieLambden) and Alex Daniel (@_alexdaniel97)