Top five memorable Brit award moments

FOR an award ceremony with 40 years history, the Brit awards never fail to produce a few eyebrow-raising moments.

Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction, celebrity war or just a wrong nomination, the Brits have seen it all! So let’s take a look back at five memorable moments from the annual show.

In no particular order, let’s start with fashion: Geri Halliwell definitely showed some spice in her 1997 girl band performance. Halliwell wore a little black Gucci number, with a union jack tea towel sewn over it, in order to feel patriotic.

The iconic dress later received a lot of attention from the media. I mean people would talk if you went on stage in a tea towel… right?

The Brits are meant to be the biggest event in the British music industry’s calendar, proving that they do not just recognise and celebrate pop music but also rock and roll.

2014 saw Arctic Monkeys win the MasterCard Album of the Year. Lead singer Alex Turner spoke about how ‘his music genre will never die out, it will always come back and smash through the glass ceiling.’ Turner concluded his speech by saying: “Invoice me for the microphone if you need to,” before doing an infamous mic drop, in true rock and roll star style.

What’s the expression? Practice makes perfect? Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for Madonna.

During the 2015 show she sang her hit song ‘Living for Love’ and in the midst of her performance she had a wardrobe malfunction and was pulled down to the ground by her incredibly long cape, whilst singing ‘I let down my guard, I fell into your arms.’ How ironic.

We definitely let Robbie William’s entertain us during his acceptance speech for Best Single in 2000, when he challenged Oasis star Liam Gallagher to a fight.

Liam Gallagher had previously labelled Williams as the ‘fat dancer from Take That.’ After a few comments from award presenter Craig Cash, Robbie stormed the stage and asked the audience if they would pay to watch him fight Gallagher. Unfortunately the battle never took place. However, in our eyes Rob definitely won, so Take That Gallagher (fitting, right?)

Adele graced our screens during the 2012 Brit awards, with a performance of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ from her second album. Adele won MasterCard Album of the Year and during her speech, she was cut off to allow Blur to perform. The angry star flipped her middle finger and then left the stage, definitely turning the tables on the evening.

So there are Solent Journalism’s top five memorable moments from the Brit awards, let’s wait and see what tomorrow’s headlines are! The Brits will be aired on ITV tonight at 7.30PM.

By James Griffin (@james_griffin97)