‘WAGS at war’ – once again

Rebekah Vardy (left) has been accused of leaking personal information on Coleen Rooney (right)

It’s no mystery which WAGS have been in the tabloids the last 48 hours 

Wayne Rooney’s wife sparked a feud when she posted an explosive statement on Twitter accusing Rebekah Vardy of exploiting her ‘fake’ private life to the press on multiple occasions. 

Wife of Jamie Vardy, 37, Rebekah, has denied Coleen Rooney’s claims and openly expressed feelings of being left ‘hung out to dry.’ 

This is the latest spat between Britain’s football WAGs and we look back at some of the previous outbursts.

Former ‘Queen of the WAGS,’ Victoria Beckham, made headlines back in 2000 after an envious Katie Price sparked claims of jealously over Posh Spice with her then-boyfriend, Dane Bowers.

The following year the feud continued when Jordan claimed a ‘who let the dogs out’ chant was voiced towards her by Victoria and a friend when attending Manchester United’s player’s lounge. 

Posh Spice didn’t shy away from her dislike towards Katie, and branded her ‘vile’ live on National TV. 

Posh Spice (left) married to David Beckham, sparked feud with Katie Price (right)

While Victoria Beckham and Cheryl ‘Cole’, at the time, seemed thick as thieves at the Baden-Baden 2006 World Cup, the pair’s friendship crumbled when the story broke of Ashley Cole’s cheating scandal.

Ashley’s ex, as of 2010, Cheryl, later said she was disappointed when Posh didn’t reach out in what was a very public indiscretion.  

She said: ‘David’s mum is friends with Ashley’s mum, she (Victoria) was in my hotel room the whole time during the World Cup – we’ve had barbecues together — so I was quite shocked by that.’ 

Danielle Lloyd (left) was once good friends with Nicola Mclean (right) but fell out in several public disputes

Two other very familiar faces Nicola Mclean and Danielle Lloyd also came to blasting each other online. 

The fellow WAGS were previously friends, but it soon came profoundly known they had fallen out when they had a disagreement over who was invited to Jamie O’Hara’s wedding in 2012. 

Since then, Nicola had repeatedly claimed Danielle was a ‘wannabe WAG’ most significantly when she starred alongside Lloyd’s footballer ex Jamie O’Hara in Celebrity Big Brother.  

On the same show Mclean made a dig towards Danielle Lloyd, hinting that she would never refer to herself as a ‘WAG’, but knows someone who solely wanted to be one.  

Nicola followed up this comment with a further dig where she appeared to call Danielle a “D******D”.