Welsh athlete fears for his career chances

Welsh long-distance runner Jack Turner was on the verge of breaking into the national senior team this year, that was until the coronavirus pandemic scuppered his ambitions.

Turner, aged 22, has represented Wales at under-23 and under-20 level.

Jack Turner competing in brisk weather. Photos from: www.facebook.com

He was set to make his senior debut at the Snowdon International Race held in Gwynedd, scheduled for the 18th of July.

However, the race was swiftly cancelled in an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Whilst this is a vital measure for the race organisers to take, it has been the cause of much frustration for the Wales hopeful.

“That’s been cancelled now unfortunately so for me it’s all about pushing on and trying to stay fit for whenever we are allowed to race again.”

For Turner there is a lot of uncertainty on whether he will be able to fight for his place again as he fears his chance may have gone.

“There is talk of some try-out races being held in June if the government allows it and if it’s considered safe to do so.

But since the Snowdon International is cancelled and that was taking place in July, I can’t see much chance of this going ahead.”

Turner was in a strong position to gain a place in Wales’ senior squad as his last competitive race saw him place 7th in the UK for under-23 runners.

The Pembrokeshire-based athlete is looking ahead to make himself as visible as possible to the selectors and is taking measures to put himself in as strong a position as he can.

Turner with the Wales squad. Photo from: www.instagram.com

Despite studying at Lancaster University, he is exploring the possibility of running for a university closer to home.

“At Swansea University there’s a really good training group, not just within the university but locally as well.

There’s some high-quality races around there so hopefully going there will get me on the radar and the comeback story can be on!”

Turner said he is desperate to be the best he can and admitted the motive behind his questionable haircut.

“I personally tried to make some marginal aerodynamic gains by shaving my hair off the other day!”

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